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The lighthouse started its work in the field of consultancy in the year 2000 from outside Turkey. In 2012, the company's work was launched in the Turkish interior as the first Arab consulting and service company, and in a short time the lighthouse became the first destination for Arabs and foreigners in relation to health insurance, residency and real estate investment (Click here to learn more about Al Fanar Real Estate Services).

Today, Al Fanar offers its services to more than 100,000 customers each year and continues to maintain the quality of services and customer satisfaction; As customer confidence comes first among the priorities of Al Fanar, Al Fanar works to build strategic partnerships with the best insurance agencies in Turkey, and recruit and train the finest advisors And administrators.

Al Fanar has achieved its position as the best and first choice for Turkish residents. That was not the result of a magical equation, it is really a hard work and a full commitment to each of the following principles:

  • Working only with the best insurance agencies and advisors
  • Permanent accompaniment to the updates of Turkish laws relating to foreigners
  • Take account of customer needs and accuracy
  • Make promises
  • Confidentiality of customer data
  • Absolute transparency
  • Of objectivity
  • Continuous development of services and specialized staff
  • Provide competitive prices

Alfanar Turkey today is providing all the services of accommodation and health insurance to its customers, including consultations for the issuance, renewal or extension of the tourist residence, family accommodation, study accommodation (student residence), work permit (residence of work), and real estate residence.

The lighthouse also exports health insurance policies, earthquake insurance, das DASK, and car insurance. All of these transactions are done with maximum speed and lower costs.

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Benefits of Getting Residence Permit in Turkey

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Calculate insurance

Health insurance rates differ depending on the age and length of insurance required. The "Insurance Account" service from Al Fanar Turkey helps you calculate the price of health insurance.

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Work Permit

The work permit (or residence) is a card that entitles the holder to reside in Turkey and work for one employer in a specific profession, issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security.

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health insurance

Anyone who wishes to reside in Turkey is obliged to obtain health insurance covering the entire period of stay, except for those under the age of 18 or over 65 years of age.

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Tourist accommodation

One of the types of short-term accommodation, tourist accommodation is an ideal solution for those who wish to stay in Turkey for a long time beyond the validity of their visa or entry stamp.

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Real Estate Residence

Real Estate Residence is one of the types of short term accommodation. It is issued to those who own and reside in a residential property in Turkey, as well as family members residing in the same property.

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Study accommodation

The student residence permit is exclusively for University and Institute students and their duration varies by the type of study. Do not include school students.

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